LOCATION: Pulau Weh is an island off Banda Aceh Province in North Sumatra. To get here you can fly from Medan to Sabang (located on the island) or fly into Banda Aceh from KL and other destinations. Pulau Weh is not a hugely popular tourist destination, although, it is becoming more so as it becomes known for the spectacular diving here. Gapang Beach and Ibioh are about 25kms in a becak (tuk tuk) from the main village Sabang where the ferry port is located.

DIVING: Normally 2 dives a day. Diving here can be challenging at times with strong currents going in every direction. I suggest choosing your dive shop wisely and ask how they determine which sites they will dive that day. If up for the challenge and want to experience the diving at it’s best then ask for the more challenging dives. You can also do any course here from Discover Scuba Diving in the house reefs to Divemaster. I am currently diving with Monster Divers as they are a fun on the land and professional as soon as you hit the water.  There are other shops on Gapang Beach and in Ibioh (next village). Most dives shops will pick you up from your chosen accommodation for free if you do both dives for the day.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation on Gapang Beach varies from 80,000 IDR for a basic room (no fan) with shared amenities up to 500,000 IDR for a bungalow with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot shower and some with satellite TV. So depending on your budget you can find what you are looking for. I stayed at a new place called Marlin Resort at the end of Gapang Beach for around 300,000IDR a night. (note: ask for the hot shower rooms they are same price.)