OMS Slipstream Monoprene Fins

The OMS Slipstream Monoprene Fins with Spring Heel Straps are considered by many to be the ultimate fin for technical, wreck and cave diving. The lightweight, high performance OMS Slipstream Fins include the OMS Spring Straps, making them even easier to get on and off.

The ever popular OMS Slipstream Fins were so revolutionary when first released that the US Navy cut their swim time by one minute on a 500 metre swim!

For the ultimate control, backwards finning and power, nothing beats the OMS Slipstream Fins. If you need to avoid kicking up the silt in a wreck or cave, again, nothing beats it.

Today’s divers are environmentally conscious and the OMS Slipstream Fin has a lower impact on the ecosystem. This is because the lighter weight assists the diver’s ability to keep their feet up and off the bottom. This is especially desirable when swimming over a reef or coral. Photographers love the OMS Slipstream fin as it helps keep their fins off the bottom so they don’t disturb the sand helping them get that perfect shot.

Technical, wreck and high performance divers often prefer a low-silting kick and the OMS Slipstream fins are ideal. This is what is termed ‘keeping your fins in the water column’. OMS Slipstream fins will improve your dive and overall dive performance.

Another huge advantage to the OMS Slipstream fins is that they are ideal for travel. Whether you are a recreational, technical, or wreck diver, when you travel you face luggage weight restrictions. OMS Slipstreams are a smart option to help you.

The OMS Slipstream Fins sport a design similar to the venerable Jet Fin. But instead of rubber, this proven fin design features a lightweight, distortion resistant blade made out of Monoprene resin — a thermoplastic elastomer — that delivers rubber-like performance, but is much lighter. Indeed, this fin looks heavy, but it weighs no more than many modern fin designs.

The OMS Splipstream Fins deliver better trim positioning with maximum thrust on the down kick, and minimal resistance on the up kick. Technical divers appreciate this fin’s manoeuvrability.

OMS Slipstream Monoprene Fins Features

  • Lightweight, High Performance Fin
  • Light Weight:
    Keeps Divers Legs in Optimal Position when Low-Silt Kicking
    Optimal for Divers Reduce Damage while Working Around Sensitive Marine Areas
  • U.S. Navy Tested Fin
  • Construction: Neutrally Buoyant Monoprene Resin Material
  • Better Trim Positioning with Maximum Thrust on Down Kick and Minimal Resistance on Up Kick
  • Spring Fin Strap Design
  • Multiple Spring Strap Sizes: Eliminate Excessive Coil Expansion and Entanglements
  • Spring Design: Depth Compensating for Boot Compression at Depth
  • Thick 11.4 cm (4.5″) Achilles Rubber Pad: Provides Unprecedented Comfort
  • Rubber Pad: Aids in Donning and Doffing